Where energy goes focus flows (part 1)

Where energy goes focus flows (part 1)
When your energy flows from this space there are 3 key things that you can do to create energy that moves from negativity to positivity. I'm not a scientific person, but from my understanding plants use  energy to grow and develop.

Without a good flow of energy ecosystems do not thrive. The same is true for us. I speak from my own space. When your energy is imbalanced all areas of life suffer as a result.

Conscious Connnections: Tips to Building Relationships that Matter

Conscious Connnections: Tips to Building Relationships that Matter
Focus on the other person. When you connect with another person it is easy to revolve a conversation around yourself. What it is harder to do is to make it about another person. But when you do this it creates that conscious connection that people value. 

And people LOVE to talk - sometimes non stop about themselves. They like to give their opinion. So. Listen to what people say. Ask questions. Be interested and learn to remember things about that person. It sounds simple right?! 

Easier said than done.

Why knowing what's happening in your body is empowering: How a zyto scan can help you

Why knowing what's happening in your body is empowering: How a zyto scan can help you
So I ran the scan on one of my kids. I knew she had anxiety, but it came up as sitting throughout her body systems. It was a wake up call to me. Sometimes we or our loved ones have anxiety that just sits and doesn't shift - it's easy to forget when things just roll along. We work on it and we forget, but it's there. Super strong wake up call for me. The good thing was that it highlighted this to me. That means I can do something about it. 

Why it doesn't matter what people think of you...

Why it doesn't matter what people think of you...
It doesn't really matter what others think about you. You don't need the approval of others to be the best version of yourself. To have the best life for yourself. The best business. What matters most is what you think of yourself. If you don't value who you are then others wont either. I've learned this on a number of occassions recently and am learning to let go of those I seek approval from. 

From Crazy to calm: Keeping calm amist the craziness of being an #autismmum

From Crazy to calm: Keeping calm amist the craziness of being an #autismmum
I'm an #autismmum :) In the past It has held me back and sent me through dark thinking and into levels of sadness. There is a level of unknown when it comes to havign this curb ball thrown at you. I like control and the known. 

But the darkness is not where I sit now and not where i plan to go back to. I'll share with you how I pulled myself out of this. It wasn't overnight, but it happened and the space I sit in now is so much better. 

Kick Ass Parents of Special Needs Kids are amazing
If you are a parent. I think you are amazing. If you are a special needs parent I think you are super amazing. You are doing a great job and you have been given your kids for a purpose. 

When I first had kids someone said to me 'God doesn't give you more than you can handle. I was looking at her. She had 3 kids and I had 1. I thought how on earth is she coping so calmly?!

This is essentially true. I was able to cope with what I was given. Still. I didn't always cope the way I wanted to. 

There were times (and still are), where I had a #adulttantrum. As women we have hormones to deal with also. #factnotanexcuse

Life can be on a huge high and the next moment it plumets to a huge low. 

There are a few things I did when helped me to create balance in my life. Accept where I am at and start to find the joy that was eluding me. 

Accept where you are at and make the most of it
A few years ago when my son started kindergarten, there was many a time when I spent time crying in the car. Feeling bad. Letting my health go. I had cold sores. I felt constantly blah.

This is not good energy to sit in. Allowing life to spiral and feeling like you are at the mercy of what is around you, isn't good for your health or for your mindset. 

We can choose to accept and see joy in what we do. We acknoweldege that life isn't the way we thought it would be, but move on and create positivity around us. 

I find when I am with people like this then I am so much more likely to ensure this for myself.
Energy demons draw from you.

I sought out people who were uplifting and encouraging. I realised I was not alone. In fact there were many people going through the same as me. Focusing outward is super helpful.

Focus on what you can change
This will mean your mindset. Work on this. Set your day up for success when you wake. 

You can have amazing health and wellness. Not convinced. Reach out. I'd love to chat to you about this.

Change the words you speak - speak life over who you are and what you have in life. Also, your kids - and the circumtances you are all in many not have been part of your vision but they are still amazing. A gift.  To you and the people around them. We can always learn from our kids. 

Your Energy precedes you 
Your energy is what you present to people as you speak to them and as you go into their space. 

I don't want to be someone who drags everyone down in my demeanour. I want to be someone who brings joy and blessing - wherever I am sitting in life. Yeah I know it sounds ideal. And Believe me it takes work. But you get to the point where being happy and having joy isn't so hard it just happens. I encourage you to seek out this. 

And the biggest lesson of all 
I had to seek out joy and happiness from within and around me to feel like I could 'cope' with my circumstances and thrive. I prayed about it. It didn't happen overnight. Everyday is not perfect. There are people who stress me out. I get frustrated at the kids. My home isn't perfect. 

But I am learning to accept the imperfections of where I am at and love life all the same. 

I am learning that life is perctly imperfect when you let go of the approval of others - big one! 

And I am learning that being a Mum is the BEST job in the world. 

If you need encouragement to move from your space. Please reach out. Our facebook group is a space form mums to learn and grown together. A community of like minded mums wanting to make a difference and not stay stuck. Being stuck is no fun. You are welcome to join us here. 

Keen to learn more about balancing your wellbeing and emotions? Grab my free guide here.

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