Create energetic alignment with Raindrop Technique!
The first time I received a Raindrop massage, it was like floating on clouds. Little pitter patters of raindrops falling on my back. The feeling of utter calm and peace.

I felt uplifted and ever so centred. 

Balanced is the word I would use. 

Five years later it's still my favourite modality because of the impact that it has on my body each and every time I am blessed enough to receive. I've had a few, but I'd love to have my own Raindrop practitioner close by so I can experience them more often!! I would have them weekly if I could. 

I believe there is NOTHING that works on your mind, body and spirit better than Raindrop massage! 

I loved the massage so much I went back and trained as a practitioner. When I first had a raindrop I had no idea what went into this complex massage and why it was so significant. 
How could I?! 

I think many people believe Raindrop is simply for stress relief and feeling calmer (maybe have a bit of a nap in between). While this is the case - What I have experienced and seen on the massage table is so much more. I've had profound experiences that have changed the way I feel completely. 

So I should explain what Raindrop Technique Massage is. In case you have never heard...
Raindrop is the lightest, therapeutic massage you will receive. It is like drops of rain falling on your back, feather light strokes along your spine, a massage that leaves you feeling centred and whole. Along with vitaflex the Tibetan form of Reflexology - body mapping. Overall you leave the massage table feeling all the above, but also with a sense that you have done amazing things for your body. Which it has!!  

Why does Raindrop Work So Well?
Raindrop is so powerful because it works at a few different levels. Not only does it help your body to calm and balance. It also creates a balance of what is going on in you on an emotional level that is hard to explain. Here are a few (there are heaps) ways that Raindrop can suppport your body systems.

Raindrop Relives muscle tension 
This occurs at both a physiological and an emotional level. As massage is performed, and the oils are applied relief is gained. For many it is muscle tension on the lower back, while for others it can be tension around the shoulders and neck. 

Raindrop Can Improve Sleep Quality 
Many a client has come to see me and let me know afterwards that they had the BEST nights sleep. Again the massage itself is super relaxing, but it is also the oils which are used that create the calm and quiet of the mind. Oils like valor (for courage among other things) have been chosen for specific purposes. They work together in synergy. 

Boosts Immune Function 
Raindrop works to support the immune and the lymphatic system. It helps the body to release what it needs to release. In this way there is a clearing of what needs to be cleared. This helps body systems to work better and support the whole person to gain balance 

Most people will enjoy the stress releif and balance that a single Raindrop massage will bring. However to gain optimum health and that balancing of energy that the body needs, having massages in succession  weekly and monthly is optimal. 

When I did my training I went in feeling pretty ordinary. My digestive system was out of balance. I received raindrops over 2 days. After the second one I felt calmer and more aligned and balanced. The colour came back to my face and my digestion improved. 

There are many stories of how amazing this massage is. The technique itself can be used to calm a hyperactive child, to bring balance to a stressed mum or to support your partner after a full on work week. Raindrop is for everyone. 

You can tell I am a huge fan of Raindrop! Why not :) I love the energetic side of this massage and just how on the whole it makes EVERYONE feel. Nothing magical, just amazing oils and a technique developed with precise thought and intention. Amazing! 

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