Find your voice, use it and don't be silenced... Why speaking out is in your best interests
Sometimes, well always times what I blog about is a reflection of where I am at personally. For me speaking up and out was a struggle. I know this is a case for a lot of mums also. Even the ones who have something they are super passionate about. 

It oftentimes is a struggle to find the courage to say what we think about and to feel we have clarity in our words. Confidence in this is important also. 

Many times I would dream I was screaming about something (someone hurting me or a choice I had to make) and I couldn't get the words out. It was like the sound would just not escape from my mouth. It was like it was stuck and couldn't escape. I suppose this was a reflection of where I was at confidence wise. I had so much to say and yet just couldn't say it. 

In my 30's you would think I would have known better. I could express what I needed to say and let the words escape. But no. I had to wait till my 40's to find that I could actually use words to confidently speak what I need to say. 

And by need I mean NEED - almost like a huge compulsion. Some people have such passion on their hearts about what is important that without letting it flow its like they get stuck and remain. They stagnate... 

My passion in life is
1. Community
2. Natural Health
3. Low Tox 

Together these three areas to me exist as one. They neatly flow in equilibrium. It makes sense. But it isn't always that easy to express in words. 
What holds us back
What always held me back was a lack of confidence, a lack of knowing the best avenue to be heard and well just not feeling anyone would listen. 

I was however encouraged recently that speaking up and out is indeed in my best interests. Not everyone will resonate with what we say. But those who do will be ready to accept and take on it all on board --- and listen... 

For those of us who have a powerful message, being silent is actually quite damaging to us. It can mean
- we allow ourselves to become stuck and sit in FEAR... 
- we miss out on the infinate possibilities and connections that speaking out brings
- we allow our worries to dictate our actions 
- we stop the growth that could have come both personally and professional from stepping into the unknown.

For me it has been a gradual process of speaking up and out. I'm not shouting my message (as yet) from the rooftops. It will come... My message is important. It needs to he heard. 

I believe wholeheartedly in natural health. Healing ourselves mind, body and spirit - through nature. Sometimes speaking out quite rigorously on a topic such a this can be quite controversial. 

I realised recently though what I teach my children about their voice is important. If you do not stand for something. You stand for nothing. You are pulled along by the wind and blown and blown to and fro. This isn't a direction that I want to take. How about you?! What do you need to speak up and out about? And to whom?

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