Where energy goes focus flows (part 1)
I love this topic cause it is so on point where I have sat in the past. 

The space of negativity was where I have called home.  I've been a negative, moody person carrying a LOT of sadness and very little joy in my life. 

It's not a place I want to return to, but from that space I can relate and empathise if you are there. It becomes a space of comfort. It also can be a space that we don't know how to move from. 

Most people sit in that space at one time or another. Sometimes the level of despair or anxiety sucks us in and our space is compounded. It's when we cannot pull ourselves out that we need to seek help - find someone to speak to, reach out or see a doctor. It's not depression and anxiety that I am talking about. 

It is the energy of negativity, anger, hurt, lack of joy --- the list goes on that I refer to. 

When your energy flows from this space there are 3 key things that you can do to create energy that moves from negativity to positivity. I'm not a scientific person, but from my understanding plants use  energy to grow and develop.

Without a good flow of energy ecosystems do not thrive. The same is true for us. I speak from my own space. When your energy is imbalanced all areas of life suffer as a result. 

So, here are my 3 top tips to create a balanced flow of energy and thrive.

1. Create balance in your health

When you are unwell, or a part of your body feels low or stressed out, then  your energy will be out of range also. For me and many other women, my hormones have a huge impact on all aspects of my health. 

My digestive system impacts my wellbeing and emotions which influence my energy flow. My hormones completely affect my emotional wellbeing and flow through to my work and productivity. I am not so in tune with what is happening around me and I spend more time than not feeling pretty blah!

Work at sorting out your health so you have the head space to focus on your energy. 

Health includes what you eat nutritionally, but also the chemicals you put into your body - what you choose to consume. When you use harsh chemicals in your cleaning, skin care and so on what you are effectively doing is consuming them. We need to be mindful of how we treat our bodies and what goes into them. This we have 100% control over.

2. Sort our your mindset - what is happening in your mind is totally in your control 

While we cannot always control every aspect of our lives. We can chose what we allow our minds to be affected by.  Our minds are programmed daily by what we listen to read and see in all aspects of our lives. It is up to use to chose wisely what we allow into our world. 

3. Focus on others 

Having an outward focus means we are able to look beyond ourselves to other people and their needs. Of course secure your life jacket first - a typical, vaild analogy. 

I don't mean give up on looking after you. What I mean is focus on serving others in your daily lives. Do things that encourage and uplift others. Be it in the words you speak, or your actions. 

Once you shift your focus it is not hard at all. It takes the focus from our woes and enables us to think beyond ourselves to others. This may mean helping with a charity, supporting your kids school, sending a note to a friend to uplift them. I'm sure you will have other ideas.

I leave you with this thought - where energy goes focus flows. Negatively or positively. If you are on the negative side of things, you may indeed have a valid reason. But ask yourself this where I want to set up permanent residence?! Do I want to stay here? 

Once you make the decision to change your energy your focus will change it's flow for the better. Your energy precedes you and goes before you. Make your energy that which you want others to see.  To hear more about this grab my recipe and guide to Balancing your emotions and wellbeing. 

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  1. Beautifully written and I love the suggestion of balance, I need to always come back to this. Thanks!

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