Where energy goes focus flows (part 2)
I've told you about that comfy space where I sat for a period of time... The energy of life's disappointment, not quite being able to find joy, striving in all areas of life and not feeling I could ever get there. It's a space that most of us all to well know from experience. 

I didn't realise how far I had falled until an occassion when I sat in a conference. We were chatting to our partners. A lot of disucssion was taking place. My partner at one point said to me "I feel a real saddness in you'. This person was quite intuative. But... I realised in that moment that I was being quite open with how I was feeling. The energy that surrounded me wasn't what I wanted it to be. It was clearly visible for someone I didn't know very well to be able to sense this. 

I had no reason to feel a lack of joy or disappointment in life. Or to think I wasn't enough. Or to just feel so low. 

I wasn't depressed. I was just in a place that I found it really hard to move beyond. 

If you've read part 1 of this blog,  you'll know that one of the ways I was able to move beyond this feeling was to sort out my health. Eating well. Kicking out harmful chemicals. I focused on others and my mindset. 

It didn't happen over night. But slowly things shifted for me to where I was able to begin to see that life truly was joyful and there was a LOT I could be thankful for. 

And that made all the difference... When you struggle to get out of bed each and every day. When your hormones dictate your productivity. When your gut affects your sleep. Your energy will be affected. That was ME!!
Being open to change

I realised early on that not everyone is open to change and wants to move beyond this space. Many people enjoy the comfort of being stuck. It is easy to stay stuck and NOT move in any aspect of life. Eating well. Looking after your body and your mind takes effort. It takes conscious thought and often times you will need help to do this. I did. 

Especially when it comes to MINDSET. 

Our thinking controls our behaviours and actions. If we are happy to sit in negativity or to feel the world is against us, then we wont move. Period. I know too many people who are happy to spend their time following the status quo. Not willing to take action and take that next step to move their energy and change their focus.

If you have read to this point, you are ready to make one change or another. 

I didn't shift my energy in one go. I still slip into the space occassionally also. BUT to change your energy focus you need to take a step and make a move. Don't allow your emotions, health or mindset to keep you stuck. Take a step to make a shift. And your energy flow will move in the direction you want. You direct where you want it to go. 

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