What are the top 5 benefits of massage?
Getting a massage occassionally is great, right?

You go away feeling amazing. Calm, relaxed in control of your emotions. These benefits are endless for most of us who love massage. However, there are specific physical, emotional and spiritual benefits which you might not realise before you book your appointment - or after you've had one. 

Massage varies immensly. We go from the remedial massage to the light Swedish massage. Depends on your preference and what you want to get out of it. 

My therapy is Raindrop and Hot stone, so light and therapeutic. This tends to be my preference in what I like. Probably makes sense as I love this massage!

Here are the top 5 benefits of receiving a massage. 

- Decrease Stress: 

We know that stress, tension and over work is not good for us. As a busy mums, friends, wives - on the whole live can be crazy. 

Massage has the benefit of helping us to centre ourselves, become grounded and let go. This is because as we relax chemicals in our bodies called  Endorphins are released, which allow us to feel both happy and to let go of stress and relax. 

This is why we go away from a massage feeling lighter and less worried. Many people express it to me as 'floating on clouds'. 

- Helps to decrease anxiety: 

Long term this is an amazing benefit. It makes sense. When you are someone who feels worried and stressed changing the flow of your energy is beneficial. Massage does this.

The way you feel generally can benefit from a reset. We all experience anxiety to some extent.

It's when it affects our wellbeing that we need to do something about it. A one off massage will help. 

But consistent massage that re-centres energy and creates calm will create ongoing benefit. 

- Improves Sleep:

When those endorphins work through your body it makes sense that your sleep will improve. Cortisol levels decrease so sleep becomes easier.

Many people I've talked to report having 'the best sleep ever' aftter a massage. The mind is quiet and calm and the body is relaxed as tension is released. 

- Decreased tension and increase circulation: 

Simply put as muscles are worked on, the stiffness and tension that is felt decreases. Tense joints are relaxed. 

Circulation is improved as massage helps blood to flow as it needs to. This means less pain and a greater abilty to move and relax... Which is what we want!

- Supports better posture:  

For those of us who sit at desks a lot, the result is often extreme lower back pain. Increasing circulation in the muscles and relaxing  helps to counteract muscle tension. Receiving a regular massage makes it possible to sit and work longer at a desk when we need to. 

There are of course other benefits:
- increase flexibility
- increasse immune function
- improved skin colour
- stimulation of the lymphatic system (the dunping ground for toxins) 

Massage is one of my favourite things to receive. As a Natural therapist it is the connection that one has with the receiver that is paramount. 

There is a flow of energy so that the person receiving is blessed by the action and intention. In turn the Therapist becomes calm and centred throughout. 

The benefits of massage are massive. 

For me, I love the feeling after. That floating feeling, like I've rested for ages. 

The only sad part if when it ends and life resumes. Ah. The serenity! 

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