Simple steps to kick start your low tox journey (Part One)
Seven years ago I kick started my low tox or chemical 'free' journey. It wasn't something I sought out and it definitely crept up on me. It was a process. This is important to mention because the whole concept seems to overwhelm many people. 

At the time I just wanted to sort a few health probelms. 

I had atrocious allergies. To the point where the antihistamines I took affected me so badly I had to go to bed. 

My scalp itched and I had terrible psoriasis. 

My hormones were 'up the creek' and I had migraines. 

My answer to much of this was to pop a pill or go to bed. 

Not so easy when you have four little ones.

Our family before our lowtox journey... 
I found a way to get everything into balance - which included anxiety that came after my fourth child came to a climax. 

While the low tox lifestyle wasn't  ALL I have implemented, it's was a HUGE part of the transformation I saw in my life. 

The Latin saying goes 'Mens Sana in Corpore Sana' or healthy body in healthy mind. I want to maintain both. 

There are some steps I followed along the way to get me to where I am now. Free of harmful chemicals in all areas of my life, I haven't used any form of medication (including paracetamol) in this time and feel energised and joyful about 99.9% of the time (hey I'm human :)). 

I do want to be clear to anyone reading this. I make no judgement about where you are, or your journey. I'm here to support, give ideas and hopfeully inspire you to make similar choices. Nothing more. 

The other thing is by definition by low tox or chemical free I mean the striving one has towards using products that are free of harmful chemicals. There are levels of 'chemical free' or low tox. We need to be wary of this and ready to do our research. Not all products are created equal.   
I chose to use products that are as free of synthetic ingredients as possible. To what extent you follow this is up to you. 

Here are my top tips for kicking out toxins. 

1. Make a decision

It's as simple as that. Decide that you want to stop using toxic ingredients. This is your first step. What it means is be aware. 

When you see a bar of soap in the supermarket, or you pick up make up know that not all products have been regulated in terms of the ingredients used. Many commercial brands will have ingredients on the 'don't go there list'. This leads me to my next step...

2. Read the ingredients

I've become one of those annoying people who reads ingredients lists in supermarkets. But guess what, I don't care, because doing this is important. 

The more you do it the less you need to, cause you know what is in what and what to watch for. There are some great apps you can use. The Chemical free maze and Think Dirty. 

Both list ingredients to watch out for an allow you to look up product names and see what potential side effects they could have on your health. 

3. Make the Switch
You've made the decision. You've started to understand what ingredients are harmful. Now it's time to ditch and switch. At this point you can decide whether you want to create your own ingredients, or use a trusted brand. 

I go with a bit of both. I do like to make my own washing liquid and other products, but sometimes it gets too much and I need to just purchase what I know works. And I love what I use anyway - raising your vibration when you use low tox is amazing!

4. Swap one room or one product at a time
I never knew there was actaully any pattern to what I was doing - i just did it. BUT. I actually swapped the following:

- Cleaning products

- Skin Care

- Make up (this took a while. But hey I wear very little) 

- Nutrition 

Many people do it in a reverse order. This is my journey. You may need to swap your make up first. It will depend what you are using. 

You could also swap out products in a particular room one by one. This will have a similar impact as above. Laundry and kitchen sink, bathroom all huge areas to ditch and swtich. 

I do know of one person who swapped everything at once. They were gung ho to get started and did amazingly. They needed to. Most people are slower. Either way is fine. Just making a step is important. 

One of the low tox workshops we were running. It's always better fun with others. 

5. Reach out and share #reducingthetox with others

A good friend once told me. 'What you put into your body has to come out in one way or another'. I took this with me for life. 

She shared her ideas with me and taught me how easy it was to make washing powder, to swap out sugary treats and how what we use on and in our bodies counts. I'd never thought about this before. Without her words and encouragement I wouldn't have started....

I'd have kept doing the same. So i shared it with others also. Not everyone will want to hear this message. Some people are happy to continue as before. That's okay that's where they are at now. Maybe one day they will come around. 

When you know something important share it! 

There are other steps you can take with will support you on the journey. I'll save them for a future blog. 

What is most important is taking a first step. 

- Reading ingredients and becoming aware. 

- Making the Switch. 

- Swapping Products. 

- Not keeping it to yourself. 

And keep doing it and you wont go backwards. 

Then you will be well on your way to #reducingthetox and raising your vibration. In my experience It is one of the most rewarding lifestyle journies you can chose to go on. I hope to see you and your family on it. 

I'd love to connect with you further. Feel free to join my FREE facebook group for women who are ready to make changes in all areas of their lives. We love to connect, have fun and learn from each other. If you'd love to connect further and chat about your or my low tox journey feel free to connect with me via email. If i can encourage one person to make a change and help them get started I will be super happy :)  


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