I'd prefer not to buy, consume, or use garbage: Why Quality matters ...

I'd prefer not to buy, consume, or use garbage: Why Quality matters ...
I used to be a consumer of inexpensive products that didn't last, affected my health and were, well you could say pretty crappy. I would use the cheapest I could lay my hands on - this included my cleaning and food products. Makeup was different. I bought more expensive, but have come to realise that Quality needs to come first, cause while my make up was a 'good' brand what it was made of was not. 

Hence the title - Why Quality matters 
Interesting though quality doesn't always refer to the price point. For some things I have spent copious amounts of money and been unsatisfied with what I purchased. 

Or in the case of the make up I used for years, what was in it mean't that the quality was garbage, because it was heavily infused with nasty chemicals. But guess what?! I didn't know this. I was naive. No one told me my liquid foundation could affect my endocrine or hormones. 

Or my deodorant was affecting my breathing.

Or my washing liquid was affecting my immune system... 

But it totally was 

So, you may not agree, or you may not be at the point where this is something that you consider or think is important.

 At some point though, what we use, consume and purchase does matter, cause it will affect us in one way or another. 

It will affect us, our kids, the people around us, our energy, how we feel, our sleep. And it is in our control. 

Quality - By quality we mean the degree of excellence of something. 
 In what we: 
- eat
- use on our skin 
- clean with
- breathe in
- think about
- believe 

Just to name a few. 

I chose to focus quality on what I can control and not what I cannot. Some things are out of my control - maybe not forever but for now. I can however control what comes into my house and what I (and to a certain extent my family) consume. 

These are the areas I choose to focus excellence in. They are totally within your control. But you do need to make a step towards changing them, or you will stagnate. 

What I eat
Food and the quality is super important. Eating food that is heavily sprayed (herbicides and posticides) sits within our systems and affects us in multiple ways. If you can chose organic, awesome. If not wash your fruit and veggies. I have an awesome veggie was you are welcome to ask me about. 

Toxins I allow in my home
Again TOTALLY within your control.
This is a choice we can make. We can choose to do something about this, or ignore it. 
The thing about toxic products is the chemical cocktail effect that they have. 
Little amounts sprinkled throughout the day, build up, to a big effect on our body system. For me it was my immune system and my hormones and breathing. Not terrible, but who knows the future. Why take the risk when it's within our control? 

Just as an aside the same goes for essential oils. Quality is important. Why use oils that have been grown with pesticides? Why use ones where harmful synthetics have been added in? Defeats the purpose or going low tox.

People will say to me, but I'm okay. I haven't got allergies, or asthma or this or that. BUT ... but there is a build up of harmful chemicals that sit within our body systems. They may not affect us now, but they may in the future.  

What I allow into my mind
Question are you filling your mind with good thoughts. Reading books, watching tv that builds you up and is edifying? We are consumers of information and programming. This shapes a lot of our attitudes, thoughts and beliefs. Are we shaping in a good way. or a bad way. As an aside I've recently learned about how hypnosis can help with our reprogramming. And I know an amazing hypnotherapist I can connect you with when you are ready. 

Quality is super important. 
We make choices in what we use, consume and purchase daily. My encouragement to you is to become mindful about what you are putting into and onto your body. There are so many options in life. In one way or another we will be affected in good and bad ways by our choices - lets make our choice count.

Feeling overwhelmed? That's not the intention. Reach out to me for a chat. I'm here to help. Want to connect with like minded people? Join my facebook group for motivated mums ready to make the next step

Life is meant to be enjoyed, lived with passion and joy. Make it count.