3 Ways to Balance your Emotions and Wellbeing Naturally 

Our emotions help us to thrive or survive.  As mums we want positivity to be the essence of who we are. When we are tired, lack peace, are unwell or have no joy, it’s hard to be that bubbly, happy, creative person that we know we are. Instead the emotion or energy that comes across can be negative, sad and really a shadow of who we are. It's time to shift this... 

Tossing out the toxins
... Can help to boost your wellbeing 

Toxins are often in many products we use daily. It is so easy for us to follow the status quo and just use the same products we have always used, isn't it? However when we start looking into what they have in them it can be a bit of a shock! 

So… without any overwhelm (baby steps, one at a time) we can learn to be aware of what we are using and start to swap them for natural alterntaives. Alternatives where we know the ingredients. Your skin care and make up are a great place to start. Then your cleaning products. Step by step. What goes into our body has to come out in some way. Let's make sure what comes out is amazing energy and vitality!

Transforming your thoughts...                               ...Transforms your perspective

Are you naturally a very positive thinker?! Or do you err on the side of being a bit pessimistic?! Our thoughts guide our actions and our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. Changing the words you speak to yourself is a good first step towards transforming your thoughts and perspective. 

When ‘I can’t do this’ comes up in a negative way, ask yourself ‘Why can’t I do this?’ and if this is just your mind playing tricks on you, have a go, make a plan, switch the way you talk to yourself. The most amazing thinkers of our generation had to dismiss the negative for the positive to achieve what they did, so can we. 

Self Care Matters
... And so do you

Self care is more than just allowing yourself to spend a week in Bali lazing by a pool with a cocktail or having your hair and nails done. It's how you look after your wellness completely. What you put into your body as a whole. Your sleep. What you eat. Your water intake. Your levels of stress. Who you surround yourself with and many other facets. 

All of this goes into how much we are looking after ourselves - or not, as it may be. If one of these is out of balance it shakes and shifts the others, so we feel blah. Remember to give yourself a bit of grace. Be kind to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up if you make mistakes, or things aren’t perfect. You matter. You are worthy. Give your family and the world the best of you. 

Balance your Emotions and 
Wellbeing Roller Recipe  
... Calming, grounding and great for emotional balance 

- 10 Drops Lavender oil
- 10 Drops Frankincense oil
- 10 Drops Orange oil
- 5 Drops Spearmint oil
Roll on your wrists, neck and shoulders when you need an extra wellness booost, or to feel calm and grounded. 

Rememember what I mentioned about knowing the ingredients of that are in what we use? The same goes for essential oils. Not all oils are created equally. You can't just go out to a retailer and trust that they are gettigng the good stuff. Lucky for you I've got a source that I trust! They've got that super special drink that makes you power through your day. Want to know more?  Click the button now to get in touch.