My Top tips on how to Ditch and Switch Harmful  

Chemicals Without the Overwhelm 

Let's Do this!!

Haven't got started on your low tox journey yet? Or just don't know what or how to get started? Perhaps you don't even know what i'm talking about? Or are just curious about those buzz words and need a bit more of an idea? 

Well this is where i come in. I'm here to give you that little nudge towards making a move... 

As 2020 rolls on, it's a great time to think about making that first step on your low tox journey. It doesn't have to be hard. It really is lots of fun! There is no better time than the present to dive in head first and kick those harmful chemicals out.It was one of THE best decisions i made and i guarantee when you make the move it will be for you also.

Go Low and Slow

Are you one of those people who gets overwhelmed easily? I do! When I first made the decision to kick out nasty chemicals I felt like there was so... much I had to do. Like many I did my research. Every bit of it! I had to, I was teaching a low tox class! Turns out I had already made lots of changes. The more i learned the more i had to change. This is the same today.

An amazing friend of mine Nicole pretty much made a whole heap of changes in one go. For me that was too much. I took it slow and then when i looked back so much had been done!

Going low tox is a process. It is work, but it is SO worth it! My health and wellness has sky rocketed. We rarely need to see GP. Hormones, sleep, energy are all amazing! It is worth it!

Going slow means making a step from where you are. Not staying still. Moving forward. I suggest start with your cleaning products. This is an easy one to change. Then skin care. Then make up. One by one, make the change and it will transform how you feel. Guaranteed.


Look at the process as Ditching and Switching

When you look at change, depending on your personality it can feel exhausting and overwhelming. The problem is we see so many people who it seems so simple for. And well actually it is, when you look at it as a process of ditch and switch

What do I mean? Going low tox is a simple process of kicking out nasty products with nasty ingredients (read your packaging) and adding products that are good for you. This is ditching and switching.

So for example rather than using a toothpaste that is full of Sodium laurel sulphite or fluoride swap to natural, low tox toothpaste (I like thieves!!). Or rather than using air fresheners which contain phthalates switch to an oil diffuser. Simple, yet effective and first step changes. No overwhelm.

Simple Swap outs you can start with

Do It Yourself (DIY) or make and takes can be a lot of Fun. 

I often hear the excuse that going Low Tox is expensive. When i got started i felt this way too. But... I found ways of keeping my bills low and I made a lot of my products using store bought ingredients. Making your own low tox products can be heaps of fun. I teach classes, but i also like to go to others classes. This is how we learn right? I have clever friends who teach themselves from Youtube, this is a great way also.

When I got started my first Low tox creations were my washing powder and dishwashing powder. Commercially these products are full of garbage, including - phosphates, formaldahyde, dioxane and diethylene dioxide, sodium lauryl sulphate and fragrance. There are many more which i cannot pronounce. All have links to vertigo, headaches, irritation of the eyes, nose, throat and so on.

I made my own and it was fun and easy!

Do I do it all the time?! Nope! I also buy products where the source is one I trust completely. 

Get as close to nature as you can 

Keep your DIY's simple. Moisturiser with essential oils and Coconut oil. My washing powder is maybe 4 ingredients. Keep it simple and then just do it! Don't like DIY's? Fair enough. Buy the best products possible with no nasties.

Read your ingredients This is my a major top tip. You need to know what you are using and what is in it. This means knowing the potential baddies and avoiding them. Check out awesome apps like The chemical maze. Connect with online communities that are low tox to learn from. Read the labels and then find products that are much better alternatives.

We (by we i mean my family) choose to use products where we know the research has already been done for us, the products are all low tox and we trust the company implicitly. You need to know the source!, because what goes in is going to come out in one way or another...

Trust the source

When it comes to low tox, greenwashing is HUGE! Greenwashing is simply a term that hightlights when products are masked as low tox and they really aren't. It's super important to be aware of buzz words like 'green', 'natural', 'eco' and the like. Read what is actually in the ingredients list. you'll find a lot of commercial products are anything BUT natural, green or eco friendly when you look closer. This is why is is imporatant to know the source. Trust the source. 

For me I'm confident that what I use is the best products in the world, that are safe and easy to use and can be used on all members of my family.


Take the Step it's so worth it  

The best part is the results that you get in the end. Low tox health and wellness is amazing. I wish i knew what i know now years ago. It would have saved me a lot of health issues. And I hear this comment a lot!!

But it took someone telling me and passing on the info for me to start.

We all need to start somewhere. How about you. Have you made a start yet?Maybe it's your turn to share what you know. If we don't share then the message stagnates. Let me encourage you to make a step on your low tox journey today. 

Still not sure? Let's chat, I'd love to connect.