Zyto Scans

Wanting to get an idea of what is going on in your body systems? 

Then it's time to book a zyto scan!!

Zyto uses galvanic skin response and measures the four main body systems and stressors to give you insight and give you and idea of how to bring your body into balance. 

Zyto does not diagnose, it is an amazing resource to support you in your wellness plan. 

Book in a zyto scan appointment today!

I couldn't recommend Larissa and zyto more. Zyto gives you a health insight that is in-depth and broken down into easy to understand sections. 

It has enabled me to focus on my health stressors and get them in balance.


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Energy Balancing
Balance Mind, Body and Spirit
Balacing mind, body and spirit through an individualised programme that creates clarity of mind and purpose. We combine Young Living oils, yoga, sound and colour work and chakra work...  
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