About Larissa keeping it real... 
Hi there...

I'm Larissa; wife, mum of four gorgeous kids and friend... 

Passionate about all things organic, toxin free and natural. 

I love, love, love connecting over a cuppa (masala chai is my fav),

Love, love, love chocoate (the darker the better), 

Creating community gives me my spark... 

Supporting women on life's journey lights up my soul... 

Drop me a line sometime... I'd love to hear your story ...  
Wholistic Wellness  
At the wholisitc Wellness Hub we are committed to growing a community focused on natural, low tox living. We don't ever compromise on quality. 
We believe life is for living to the full - naturally in every meaning of the word.
 Family is an extension of who we are and our health, wellness and abundance is paramount. 
Sharing our love of community, the best natural products with like minded friends is our vision. We want our community to thrive, not just survive. 

Services we offer...
At the Wholistic Wellness Hub we believe wellness is about looking after the whole person. These are the services we offer: 

  Zyto Scan
LEARN about zyto
         Raindrop Massage
       Low Tox Gatherings 

My guide to Balancing your Emotions and Wellbeing  

Thriving is more than just surviving! If you are like me you, you want to take steps towards creating a more natural life without overwhelm. 

Let's keep things simple!! 

That's why I created this guide to balancing your emotions and wellbeing. This will make all the difference to your energy and to your life!

I walk you through easy, effective ways to become more balanced wholistically: mind, body and spirit - to boost your energy, enjoy life and feel joy in what you do. This does not have to ellude you. 

Wholistic Wellness Hub
    Community - Wellness - Low Tox - Mindset 
 'Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have'